Glowmade was started in 2015 by Jonny, Adam and Mike. We knew we wanted to make a game that makes us feel good, full of joy and creativity, with a bunch of sweet art.

Jonny Hopper

Jonny is our Tech Lead, having previously done a bunch of work on things like LittleBigPlanet and the Lionhead Incubation team. Occasionally he plays piano at weddings.

If you tweet, how about @jonnyhopper


Mike Green

Mike is design director, having worked on Black & White, many Fables, and was Game Design Lead at Improbable. He loves to make a good wardrobe.

Those tweets: @m1kegreen


Ads is our Art Director who was previously VFX lead at Lionhead Studios. He has four boys and probably never sleeps, and once dressed as David Bowie with a musical codpiece.

Do you even tweet, bro? @adamsibbick

We've grown a little

(But not much)

Mike Ducker

Ducks is a cheeky code monkey who loves to do fun-tabulous things with physics and AI. He's a veteran gameplay coder from ye olde days of Fable and spends his spare time making evolutionary generative art apps.

One time, he trekked to Everest Base Camp in secret.

Twittle him @mike_ducker

Stef Walker

Stef is the other half of our amazing art team, having recently graduated from the University of Hertfordshire. She has a pet snake called Flynn who is apparently "unbelievably stupid".

Stef tweeters via @CynicalPlant!



Fi Harvey

Fi keeps us all sane by running the office. She's a proper accountant but for some reason wanted to hang out with us reprobates instead. Please don't call her Fiona.

Sensibly, Fi does not tweet.



Jimmy is our design and UX guru, he did design work on LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, before heading across the pond to do ... something for Playstation 4.

He can be tweeted on @jim_unwin



He’s really young and likes movies and graphics.

He doesn’t have any social media because he’s sensible.