Hello, we’re Glowmade! We’re a small, exciting company and the goal of our games is to unlock people's imagination and help them express themselves in wonderful, fun ways. Right now we’re busy building an unannounced game for PC and consoles about creating, exploring and the joy of discovery.

We have a number of exciting roles open, each of which offers the opportunity to play an important part of a small team. Everyone at Glowmade has a voice, and it’s important to us that you feel empowered and are given the time and space to use it. We’re based in Guildford, UK and we’d really like to have you here with us onsite. We offer competitive wages and are an actively equal opportunities employer.

If this sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you, even if it doesn’t look like there’s an immediate role open for you. Please get in touch with us on



  • Build fun, focused, polished features.

  • Scripting, level and quest design.

  • Have a great time building RPG combat systems!

  • Always bring the team along with your excitement!

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  • Herd cats!

  • Nurture the team, keeping us all focused and healthy.

  • Ensure quality and timely deliverables.

  • Spreadsheets!

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  • Code brilliant stuff like gameplay, animation, AI, combat!

  • Collaborate with the art and design teams to give their dreams codey flesh!

  • Take ownership of key game features.

  • Help us build and improve our homegrown engine!

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Environment Artist

  • Researching, concepting, and prototyping 3D things!

  • Translating 2D concept artwork, as well as written and verbal direction into playable game art

  • Getting involved in setting the broader visual style of the game

  • Work closely with artists and coders to get quality artwork into the game.

  • Working fast and collaboratively to make your stuff happen

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